5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Mortgage Broker!

March 19, 2018 | Posted by: Holly Cochrane

 To begin, I love what I do and I have an amazing job and I get to work daily with a great team! Our work is diverse, satisfying and no day is ever the same. 
Often I get asked what we really enjoy about what we do and I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons of why I love being a Mortgage Broker.
1) We get to assist clients with their home financing needs.
This is our favourite part. Whether we are helping first time home buyers or current home owners, on a daily basis we get to connect with people. We try and educate them and walk through the steps with them on the mortgage process. We get to provide them with the wealth of knowledge we have and make sure that they have been informed and educated so that they can make an informed decision.
2) Opportunity to build long lasting relationships.
Each time the team deals with a client or referral source it allows us the opportunity to build a professional and friendly relationship with them. This is very important to us. As we are genuine people and thrive off of meeting new people and constructing long term business connections.
3) The abundance of work diversity.
Everyday is different and every mortgage file is different. Because of this we are always being challenged. We make certain that we are up to date and polished on the industry standards and changes. By being current on all things mortgage related it allows us collectively to continue educating ourselves so that we can provide our clients with the best experience and information.
4) Support local entrepreneurs and referral sources.
Most of our business comes from repeat clients or referrals. This is very high on our list of priorities. We meet so many people with different jobs and some of them are small business owners. When possible we try and also send them new customers. Another example is the business relationships we have built with realtors. We refer each other clients and this helps both our businesses grow. When we support small business owners and entrepreneurs we are supporting local which helps our communities and economy.
5) This job provides flexibility and mobility.
Although the work days can be long and busy we enjoy that it allows us to be flexible.We like that there are days that we working out of an office, sometimes we are in meeting with clients. Then there are the business lunches and the presentations we schedule for realtors. This job encourages us to be flexible and we need to adjust on a regular basis. Doing this keeps things fresh for the team and exciting.
When I sit and reflect on my career and the relationships I have built and the life I live I am very happy and satisfied!
I love being a Mortgage Broker and I love working with the team I have.

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