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Debt Consolidation Mortgage

July 24, 2019 | Posted by: Holly Cochrane

A debt consolidation mortgage could be the solution you need to high interest credit payments. Holly Cochrane from the Holly Cochrane Mortgage Team explains “A debt consolidation mortgage is when you refinance your mortgage to incorporate all your high interest debts into one payment – Your Mortgage!”

There are a number if benefits to debt consolidation, including:

  • A much lower monthly interest rate that all your debts will now fall under
  • Lower monthly payments
  • The comfort and convenience of making only one monthly payment
  • Improved credit score from making all your payments on time.

Holly provides this example to show the effect a debt consolidation mortgage could have on your monthly repayments:

If you already have a mortgage and have some high interest debt that you’d love to unload, contact the Holly Cochrane Mortgage Team on 780-485-7908. Our team will help you figure out precisely which solution is best for you, and wipe out all those high interest payments.

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